Stranger Things: A nostalgia


Zarlish Sayeda

Have you experienced love and loss regardless of time and era? This is not a show about demogorgan or the flayed. Yet it just adds the right amount of thriller and makes you edgy in every single episode while you end up wanting more. And how can you forget the 90’s theme in this small American town that makes you long for something you quite don’t understand. Even if you have not been around in that era, it is the idea of a simple life that connects you back to your roots. The life where communication requires a radio talkie and ice cream is the center of the world. A world where connection is so real that texting has no meaning or place. So basically when you are a friend, you become a family and when you are in trouble you have more back up than you know! Thats stranger things for you.

When it comes to this, there are very few shows that represent childhood in harmony with adulthood. We as most humans, have an innate desire to re-live our childhood. Most of the time, through our flashes of memory or a past feeling, we try to live those moments again. And when you witness the childhood and innocence of these kids, it floods you with a sense of spirit and joy. Growing up does not mean leaving your silly giggles and wild imaginations. The society has programmed us in such a way that as we grow up we start to behave a certain way, talk a certain way and even look a certain way. Because in our minds, we know that its all about what you portray to the world and how they see you based on that. When was the last time it was about you and how you allowed yourself to feel and how real you were in what you portray?

Whats more is that if this show does not awaken the geek in you, I don’t know which other show will! Were you a science nerd during school and realized how uncool it was to mention it? Let me ask you this, have you always been an introvert with an intellect higher than some of your extrovert friends, yet you underestimated yourself? Or do you often find yourself in a library or wikipedia reading or doing research for the sake of your own pleasure? Classic definition of a “nerd”. You should accept it and be proud of it, because if you don’t, Dustin will prove you otherwise.

This is a story about losing your loved ones and finding comfort in the people around you. These are the people we often take for granted and yet every time we hit a rock bottom, they are the first ones who got your back. Considering all things said and unsaid, this is probably one of the best shows to spend your summer days with.

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