Nostalgia is an amazing thing. We used to walk and talk like grown-ups back when we were kids, we couldn’t wait to get older to receive that form of power and utilize greater  privileges. We hadn’t the slightest idea that our parents used to mentally protect us from realizing the burdens and worries of adulthood. As kids, up until a certain age, whatever we broke would be fixed, what was lost would be replaced, and we thought that money originates from ATMs. As we grew older, we noticed that life wasn’t as pink as our parents painted it in our heads, which can be a bummer, given the fact that the majority of our time spent in any given day included having a good time. Nowadays, its either stressing about responsibilities or just trying to maintain something so important yet mundane such as your GPA or your job status, which creates a somewhat flavor-less routine. Here is the great thing about getting a good dose of nostalgia, you have the ability to add a tasty flavor to that important yet mundane routine we talked about, it allows you to responsibly enjoy the perks of being a kid again for a good number of hours, so that you can wake-up your inner child to enjoy their time. These perks include increasing self-esteem, stress reduction, feeling socially connected, and they all play a role of putting you in a positive mood, so go and wake up your inner child !

Word of advice:

As you walk forward in life, there will always be a pile of boxes in your way, these boxes are the struggles of life that leave us uneasy ,wounded, scarred, or god forbid traumatized. These boxes are meant to be there regardless of how you shape your own decisions, so make sure not to simply step over them. Try to carefully and neatly organize them so that you can walk back to your childhood whenever you need to, safely and conveniently.

By Hashim Akeel

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