Mental Presence.

By Hashim Akeel

Take a slow minute… to be mentally present.

We talk quickly, we text quickly, we eat quickly, we learn quickly, we love quickly, we live quickly, we mentally, emotionally, and physically die quickly.

What have we gained when we do everything in life so quickly, automatically, and subconsciously?

Being mentally present is a state, a habit, and a destination. We aim for being mentally present so that we can extract the most thoughts and emotions out of an experience, it has been constantly proved that the things we come to regret in life no matter how minor or major they are, come from acting in a hasty manner. The harmful things we say to our loved ones that we wish to take back shortly after, are due to our lack of discipline in taking a minute to be mentally present. The times we feel very irritated from the traffic in the streets, while actually knowing that there is no actual escape from it at that particular moment. This requires us to take a slow minute to be mentally present, accept the situation as it is, and find another meaningful thing to do while the traffic starts to flow smoothly.

Taking a slow minute to be mentally present usually begins with taking a deep breath.

Taking a deep breath, and immediately initiating a series of thoughts to remind yourself of the great blessings you have in life, will limit the manifestation of negative and unwanted thoughts, as they only grow bigger if we give them enough time and attention. Even moments of absolute frustration and anger require us to take action, by doing these steps we are becoming more in control of how we handle these emotional meltdowns, and eventually proving to ourselves time after time that our mental health is essential to our overall health.

Moments of love and affection require us to be mentally present as well, or else the person in front of us won’t feel the genuineness in our emotions.

Moments of communication require mental presence, to limit the probability of prejudice and miscommunication.

Moments of leisure require mental presence, for us to indulge with all our senses to form a meaningful memory.

Moments of life lessons… require mental presence for us to be able to tell our grandchildren how we lived a life worth living.

Taking a moment to be mentally present is necessary, so start building the habit, to form the mindset.

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