Lady Lou Interview by Sarah Bahbeshi

Whats the story that made a journalist be on the Arabs got talent stage?

" I was a journalist 2 years ago who used to sing in events, both public and private, and I after that I have reached a point where I’ve realized that this is my passion and what I want to do, so I decided that I wanted to leave journalism even thought I do love writing big time, but it wasn’t going well the very last months with me, and I said to myself “You know what, don’t be scared Lulu, you’re always scared to stay without a job but no, do what you love and try to focus on it, you never know one day what’s going to happen”.Until the very last minute I’ve decided to go for Arabs got talent, even though I was not a big fan of fame and all that, and I don’t know how I am going to face this, because back when I was a kid I was bullied, and I had a huge fear of stages. However, in the end I did it and I feel so proud of myself even though I haven’t reached the end. "

Did you face any haters, if yes how did you cope with them?

"I did face haters, but not a lot of that I was aware of. In different social media accounts I used to find some negative comments, and some racist comments insisting that I am not Saudi, because of my style.

And for me I don’t take theses comments seriously, because by these negative comments they are reflecting themselves, even if they are good people inside of them they have some issues. So alhamdulila I know that I am doing what I love, without harming anyone and I’m delivering good emotions and all what I care about is good vibes not caring about if I am perfect or not.

“We will always find haters everywhere, from your close friends, from other people, but the key is how to deal with that and how to believe in yourself”

“Singing for me is life, a very beautiful way to express my feelings, my emotions, this is

how I want to deliver my message to a lot of people specially woman who have talents and they are scared to be out there”

What do you say to woman who are too afraid to do what they want, woman who are afraid to be judged or afraid of failure?

"If you got scared to do what you love without taking a step forward, you will always be in your spot and you won’t be able to see yourself where you’re going next. However, when we start believing in ourselves and start taking opportunities, you will reach your dreams. “ do what you love, put your own boundaries if you want, or not, set your own rules and enjoy what you’re doing”. You’re going to succeed one day but you just need patience. "

Who supported you in your journey? How big of a role did they play in your achievement?

"My family, my mom took a big role in supporting me everywhere. And ever since I have told my mom about it she supported me and came along with me in all these events, and she said “ Luluwa go on, do whatever you love, no matter what people will say about you.” My Mom and my bestfriends were the best supporters and my followers in my social media whom I call my second family, Alhamdulila. "

Can you say self confidence is the key to your success?

"I was bullied since I was a kid, but I have always been that happy kid who loved music, even when I grew older people used to tell me that you should lose weight because you “are going to be a singer, and I should be thin and perfect and all of that” I say “No, if I wanna do anything, I wanna do it for me, my health and my happiness, I don’t do anything to look happy for other people because in my head I want people to love me for who I am, the way I think and act. And what made me self-confident is that I’ve always read books about it, and my family and friends always made me feel that I am good enough. I have always believed that dreams do come true, because since I was a little kid I’ve been a huge fan of “ Jose stone” she was everything I love, and I’ve never thought that I would ever meet her here in Jeddah and do a private music night for her, and also be with her during her journey here as for the second that I helped taking them to JISH Center. “ So i can finally say that slef confidence yes is a key to my success and I hope from my heart that everyone in this world who has a message to be delivered. "

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