How Sensitive You Are!

Being a highly sensitive person is a long term challenge. I have been discovering this part of my personality since I was a teenager but people around me always keep sending me those negative sings for being sensitive although I wasn’t harming anyone but I was more way expressive than them!

Do you feel that some simple words and acts could affect your mood? Your facial expressions could easily reflect your inside feeling? How many people around you easily stereotyped you and didn’t accept that fact about you! Being SENSITIVE! Yes sensitive, what’s wrong with that?

How hard is this? Offal! Actually there is no wrong with it because it’s part of YOU. It’s something you can manage it but will never be off your personality. People talking about individual differences and acceptance but when it comes to sensitivity, it became a shame to share it and it’s a must to change it. The question is why it’s shame to acknowledge the fact for being sensitive? Why people become ruder once they know you’re highly sensitive person?

However, you must be proud when you talk about it because it reflects your Emotional Connection, it’s so deep there inside you as sometimes no words to express how you could feel and understand your emotions. You have to understand it’s a privilege that your predictions always right, you are sensitive to negativity and to the environment around you which means your brain, soul, and body are really connected. It’s a privilege because you could easily know what could trigger you and how you could deal with it. YOU ARE POSITIVELY DIFFERENT.

I turned my challenge to a privilege!

What about you?

By: Saja Alotaibi

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