A friend of mine once told me that I have a “ feeling” or “ conjecture”.

And I remember very well saying that there is no such thing, called conjecture. Our feelings are based on given data, this includes signals and facts that come to us, which leads to conclusions. But due to its ambiguity, we translate and perceive theses data as conjecture. We express our comprehension to the events as feelings, these data are more signals to us than facts, which makes us fall in this uncertainty toward what is this really is. So we say I feel, I sense that things are wrong, there are negative vibes in the air and et Citra.

Another interesting phenomena, sometimes we translate acts we receive as feelings and conjecture as well, but not due to its ambiguity. The acts could not be more clear to any one’s eyes.. but we tend to ambiguate it to DE realize facts, to have to what we have for as long as possible, to prevent the change as much as we can. And this phenomenon is problematic, this mechanism we adopt is problematic. For instance, in relationships, if one of the two-sided received clear signals of disrespect, to protect this relationship, to prevent its breakdown. The one turns to feel the negative vibes in the air, keep “feeling” things are wrong, and the other sided one-acts are wrong. This DE realization harms the one who keeps feeling, living in an endless anticipation chain.

We need to analyze the facts and acts more. We need to stop translate events to feelings, we need to understand that our feelings are always built on the given data. To know how to deal with them, to know how to solve our problems, to know when it’s the proper time to break up with someone and to know when it’s proper to set things up with a friend, or with a boss, or a colleague. To stop waiving, to stop anticipating the worse and worry about the anticipations, to stop being un-assertive and always patch acts.

By Enas Khalid

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